RENO TIME: 3–4 weeks



If you can dream it, we can build it. Bespoke everything



✓ brand new materials
✓ extremely durable
✓ limitless colour options
✓ wood or veneer options
✓ more storage
✓ new layouts

The Custom Cabinets Process

Wherever possible, we try and save cabinets from the landfill. But for some clients, whose cabinets are way past their prime who or don’t have a functional or ideal kitchen layout, we can install new custom frameless cabinets.

We use locally-made, formaldehyde-free, custom cabinets supplied by our partner Duke Millwork. They have completely customizable cabinets with a huge range of available finishes, from high-quality oak or walnut veneers, to a professional low-sheen, lacquer-painted finish, and many options in between.

All cabinet components are made of ¾ inch material and all doors and drawer hardware is top quality Blum, with soft-close technology. All options are customizable, like plywood vs particle board boxes, door styles, etc.

The Custom Cabinet process is our longest (3-4 week total kitchen remodel turnaround) and has a slightly different customer journey, with a design consultation first to put together a 3D design for your kitchen that you can view on your smartphone, computer, or virtual reality headset!


The on-site work typically takes 3 weeks, but can sometimes take a 4th week depending on the size or complexity of the kitchen remodel. Since we will have the sink and other services disconnected, this also requires the most down time for the kitchen – a total of 3-4 weeks. Still, this is still less than half the industry average of 8-10 weeks for a kitchen renovation! That saves you and your family a lot of pain, suffering, stress, and takeout meal costs!

Stage 1: Free Consult

It all begins with a no-pressure virtual consultation. We’ll get into depth about what your project goals, discuss budget and provide estimates, go over materials, and walk you through the renovation process. We’ll make sure we’re a great fit for your project before we move on to the design phase.

Stage 2: Design

$800 deposit credited towards your project + hazardous materials test fee

Now that we know we’re a fit, we visit to measure your space and put together a plan for your new kitchen.

We’ll discuss fit, form, function, style, and lifestyle as we find how to get exactly want you want, need, and more, out of your space!

In-home Testing

A sample for hazardous materials testing will be taken in case asbestos remediation is needed in any area (additional fees apply for the testing.)

3D Reno Plan

We’ll work together to produce and revise your 3D kitchen plan, which will be presented to you for review. This can be viewed on your smartphone, tablet, computer, or 3D VR headset!

Stage 3: Design Approval & Deposit

6 to 8 week lead time for project start date

If you’re happy with the design, we’ll secure a renovation deposit to get your project booked.

Your project will be completed in 3-4 weeks from start date (though deficiencies may take longer – we want to make sure everything is perfect before we leave!)

Material Selection

Our designer will guide you through the material selection process for all of your cabinets, counters, backsplash, hardware, and other finishes.

Stage 4: The Remodel

3-4 weeks onsite

You’ll clear out your space, so our demo and reno crews can get started – bringing your space to life! Once the cabinets are done, we’ll continue with the countertops, backsplash, plumbing, and fixtures.

Walk Through

Final Sign Off

When we’re done, we’ll open everything up for inspection via a deficiency walk through. You’ll sign off on a job well done, and enjoy your new home reno for years to come. 


Choosing new custom cabinets as the starting point for your total kitchen remodel is definitely the most costly and widely variable starting point. These projects are often in the $30,000-$60,000+ range. With all that considered, there is absolutely no comparison to having your own completely-customized kitchen where everything is brand new, operates smoothly, and was installed with laser precision. Our custom cabinet remodels also come with no limits on colour, layout, quality, or stylistic options.


Going the custom cabinet route has many advantages. It completely removes and design, layout, colour, or functionality constraints because you are starting with a blank canvas. Your imagination (and your designer’s) is the only limit.

You’ll be able to craft your dream kitchen from the ground up and work with our designers to ensure that form, style, and function are uniquely suited to you and your family for years into the future.

Whether you want a drastic aesthetic upgrade, more seating for entertaining, a better workflow, more storage, or the perfect pantry, you’ll be able to realize your vision.

Customize Your Space



Oak, teak, walnut… or a pop of colour? Opt for real wood, veneer, or a modern low-sheen colour finish. Plus, feel free to add more storage or reconfigure your space entirely. If you can dream it, we can build it!

Fixtures & Hardware

The right faucet, sink and cabinet hardware can bring your vision to life! Our designer will help you choose modern knobs for those newly-finished cabinets, and show you a variety of faucets (hello, silver, black or chrome!) to suit your particular style.


Minimalist and modern? Pattern forward? Or warm and inviting? Our expert designer will help find the perfect compliment for your kitchen, whether you opt for a classic tile backplash or a more contemporary quartz wrap.


Compliment your new cabinets with a huge selection of quartz countertops – they’re non-porous (no sealing!), harder and more durable than granite, and more consistent in colour and graining. 

Marble, granite and laminate choices available upon request.


Want to make that brand new kitchen glow? Sometimes a new look requires a whole new approach to lighting. From pendants to potlights, we’ll walk you through any technical considerations in your selection process to ensure functionality, durability and design.


Nothing brightens up a new kitchen, like some gorgeous new hardwood! Looking to upgrade the flooring in your kitchen without tearing up your home? We can install tile or luxury vinyl plank flooring – often without even demolishing your existing flooring. 

Our Trusted Brands

How do we guarantee craftsman quality? We only work with the best, so you get your dream kitchen…without the 4-month wait time or the sky high price.

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