Your old cabinets… with a new, luxurious, durable colour finish!



✓ re-use your old cabinets
✓ multiple colour choices
✓ trendy, luxe look & feel
✓ 2 week turnaround
✓ cost-effective
✓ eco-friendly

The Cabinet Refinishing Process

As one of the first Cabinet Refinishing companies in Vancouver, we at Kitchen Canvas pioneered this popular service over a decade ago! Cabinet refinishing is one of the best ways to save costs, time, and hassle on your full kitchen remodel. It also saves cabinets from the landfills and reduces the carbon footprint of your new kitchen. 

Cabinet Refinishing involves using your existing cabinets and doors (unless you specifically want a new style of door front) and respraying them with the highest quality LOW VOC (very low in harmful vapors) waterborne lacquers available, so your cabinets look, feel, and perform like new cabinets for years!

Choose any of Benjamin Moore’s most popular colours and we’ll use an on-trend low sheen finish that won’t show grease or fingerprints like a high-gloss finish. Refinishing does require 3-4 days of downtime for the kitchen where the kitchen is tented off, but if you’re doing it as part of a full kitchen remodel, which has a total turnaround time of 2 weeks, that’s still far better than the industry average for a kitchen renovation of 8-10 weeks.

See the difference for yourself:


Cabinet Refinishing is one of the fastest and most cost effective options to completely transform your kitchen. The turnaround time for refinishing is typically 2 weeks, with only a few days working in the home. There will be 3-4 days required on site to respray the cabinet boxes and the doors are returned from the shop after about two weeks. This works perfectly with a total kitchen remodel, which also takes a total of two weeks should you choose refinishing your cabinets as your starting point.

Take a read through our detailed Cabinet Refinishing Timeline:

Stage 1: Free Consult

Get started with a no-pressure virtual consultation. We’ll discuss your project goals, budget and material choices, and walk you through the renovation process. We’ll make sure we’re a great fit for your project before we move forward. If so, we’ll set up a second appointment for your quote presentation.

Stage 2: Free Consult

We’ll provide you with a fixed price quote for your project and answer any other questions you may have. If you’d like to proceed, then we’ll take a 30% deposit, and book the start date for your project. You’re ready to go!

The Remodel: Week 1

We get started on any demolition and your cabinet refinishing.

The Remodel: Week 2

We’ll continue with the countertops, backsplash, plumbing, and fixtures. And when we’re done, we’ll open everything up for inspection via a deficiency walk through.


Cabinet Refinishing is typically roughly in line with, or slightly more than, the cost of cabinet refacing (applying a vinyl wrap to your cabinets). However, it results in a more luxurious finish for your cabinets (especially if you like your existing door profile), as refacing requires ordering new flat panel doors – unless you go with a vinyl wrapped shaker, which we don’t recommend*.

*A painted finish is the way to go for shaker doors to avoid any potential delamination of the thermofoil wrap used in refacing shaker doors, around sources of heat and steam. Refinishing is typically less than half the cost of replacing your cabinets with new custom cabinetry so it’s a great way to fit more into your budget if you like your existing kitchen layout.


If you want the look of high end custom cabinets, complete freedom of choice in colour, with a luxurious and smooth low sheen appearance, but without the additional $10,000-$15,000 spent in cabinetry and waste sent to the landfill, then refinishing is the way to go for your total kitchen or bathroom remodel. The finish will last 5+ years, especially if well maintained, and aesthetically it rivals brand new cabinets.

The speed and simplicity of the process means a much shorter turnaround time for your project, which saves you time, stress, and takeout meals.

If you’d like to add or change any cabinetry in your kitchen to make it more functional, refinishing is perfect because we can have the cabinetry installed first, with doors ordered to match your existing, and then respray everything to match so it looks like it was built that way from day 1.

Customize Your Space


Cabinet Colour

Bright and airy… or a pop of colour? Choose any of Benjamin Moore’s most popular paint colours. We always use a very on-trend, low-sheen finish that won’t show grease or fingerprints like a high gloss finish.

Fixtures & Hardware

The right faucet, sink and cabinet hardware can bring your vision to life! We’ll help you choose modern knobs for those newly-finished cabinets, and show you a variety of faucets (hello, silver, black or chrome!) to suit your particular style and budget. 


Minimalist and modern? Pattern forward? Or warm and inviting? Our designer will help find the perfect compliment for your kitchen, whether you opt for a classic tile backplash or a more contemporary quartz wrap.


Compliment your new cabinets with a huge selection of quartz countertops – they’re non-porous (no sealing!), harder and more durable than granite, and more consistent in colour and graining. 

Marble, granite and laminate choices available upon request.


Want to make that brand new kitchen glow? Sometimes a new look requires a whole new approach to lighting. From pendants to potlights, we’ll walk you through any technical considerations in your selection process to ensure functionality, durability and design.


Looking to upgrade the flooring in your kitchen without tearing up your home? We can install tile or luxury vinyl plank flooring – often without even demolishing your existing flooring. If we can save you time, money, and a mess… we’ll save it every time! 

Our Trusted Brands

How do we guarantee craftsman quality? We only work with the best, so you get your dream kitchen…without the 4-month wait time or the sky high price.

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