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You want your dream kitchen… And you want to be guided seamlessly through the kitchen renovation process with a guaranteed quote, a set timeline, your own dedicated project manager, and custom craftsman quality.

You want Kitchen Canvas.

 Updating your kitchen
or bathroom?



We’ll respray your existing cabinet doors in virutally any colour with a professional, premium-quality satin lacquer.

Perfect for: solid colour cabinets, reducing landfill, lower budget

cabinet refacing

We’ll order new flat-panel doors for your old cabinets, and apply a vinyl wrap or wood veneer to the cabinet exteriors.

Perfect for: wood cabinets, unchanged kitchen layout, quick turnaround

NEW custom cabinets

If you can dream it, we can build it! Our designers, carpenters and installers will work with your vision from start to finish.

Perfect for: complete cabinet refresh, redesigned spaces, custom everything

All of our full kitchen upgrades include our in-house project management, design consultations, and professional cleaning once the work is done.

Give Your Tired Space a Brand New Look

See the before and after on some of our favourite kitchen renovation Vancouver projects!

Old & Cluttered →  New & Modern

2 WEEKS | UNDER $24,000

See Project Details
  • refinished cabinets
  • new quartz counters
  • modern backsplash
  • new hardware & faucet
  • stainless steel sink

Dark & Dated → Designer Kitchen

2 WEEKS | $26,000

See Project Details
  • refinished cabinets
  • new quartz counters
  • quartz backsplash
  • new modern hardware
  • NuGranite sink
  • large kitchen island
  • pendant lighting
  • hardwood floors

Old & Tired → Spa-like Retreat

3 WEEKS | UNDER $25,000

See Project Details
  • refinished cabinets
  • quartz countertops
  • shower tile
  • new tub & glass
  • custom gold finishes
  • new floor tile

What Makes Us Different?

There are plenty of reasons we’re Greater Vancouver’s
go-to kitchen and bathroom experts!





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You don’t go to just any doctor when you have a serious heart problem – you go to someone who specializes in your issue and can give you exactly the help you need. So why go to a jack of all trades to update the most used and loved part of your home?

Kitchen and Bathroom Renos are all we do: Better efficiency, fixed price quotes, better value for dollar, better material knowledge and experience, better space and cost saving solutions, better relationships with suppliers, less down time for your kitchen… the list goes on!


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They “generally” do a good job… but this is one of MANY projects they are running at the same time with the same trades. You wait your turn until they can squeeze you in, the project goes on and on, and you never know what the final cost will be until you get to the end.

You think the reno itself is expensive? The average family of 3 spends $225 PER DAY on meals out while their kitchen is being renovated. That’s almost $7,000 per month. We take the full process into account because we do kitchens all day, every day. Can you say the same thing for the GC who has had you out of kitchen for 3 months and counting…?


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Because we are specialists in our craft, we know EXACTLY what it costs to carry out your project. And if there is something unknowable (say possibly hidden in a wall or floor), we make sure you’re aware before we get underway. That means peace of mind that your final bill won’t have jumped by 30-60% because the contractor gave a low estimate to get your business, and then hit you with price increases once your kitchen is torn apart.


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An “estimate” means “I think” this is how much your project should cost (but I take no accountability for providing accurate numbers or running your project in the most efficient manner). Why should you, the client, take the risk that the contractor knows his numbers, can hit them, and will run things efficiently, while keeping your best interests at heart instead of their own? Can you be sure they aren’t working inefficiently or billing for extra items? Shouldn’t the onus be on the contractor to know what the final cost will be and to stand by those numbers?


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We know that not everyone has an unlimited budget for their kitchen remodel. So we have ways to get the look and feel of a brand new kitchen while saving tens of thousands of dollars vs installing new custom cabinetry. We offer refinishing or refacing of your existing cabinetry as the starting point of your kitchen remodel. To give you an idea of the difference, our refinished or refaced full kitchen remodels are usually $20,000-$28,000. New custom kitchens can range anywhere from $40,000-$80,000+.


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Your time is valuable. It’s stressful spending hours calling multiple companies, going through their sales processes, vetting their references, and comparing the quotes just to find a trusted pro who fits your budget. They also don’t usually make it easy or transparent so you can compare apples to apples. Why not have it all under one roof with a trusted professional in the industry? Remember, luxury isn’t a price point, it’s an experience.


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When you remodel your kitchen or bathroom, we show you 3D designs with your chosen finishes (like countertops, wall paint, cabinet hardware, etc) so you can interact with the space, move around, and explore your reno plans on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. Even VR is possible!


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They may be pretty, but 2D sketches won’t help you visualize how the kitchen will actually look AND function. This makes it hard to know if you’re making a functional design mistake before it’s too late, or whether your chosen materials will wow you like they did on paper.


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We will let you know (within a week) when your cabinet order will be ready and we can start swinging hammers. That way you can plan your life accordingly.


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“We’re busy so we’ll let you know when we think we can start…” When you have to plan your life around a big, disruptive project, a little common courtesy would go a long way in helping you plan for it, wouldn’t it?


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We’ll have you back cooking in your kitchen, with services hooked up, in under 4 weeks* (deficiency list and small details can take additional time). If we don’t, we’ll credit you $2,000 towards your project!

*Some larger projects can require more time, but we will make you aware of that prior to your start date.


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Industry average for a kitchen renovation is 8-16 weeks. That’s an extra $7,000–$14,000 in meals out alone (for a family of 3). Never mind the stress, mess, noise, and possible Air BnB costs!


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We want to keep you in the loop! Follow along with the progress in your job calendar so you know what’s happening with your project.


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Not having access to a job calendar means never knowing or being able to plan your life around the daily coming and going of the crew.


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We take a client-centric approach and realize renovations are a huge source of stress and chaos. So we have shortened timelines to keep the on-site work to an absolute minimum.


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If a contractor has much bigger projects on the go, you may be last on the list of priorities and that can mean that your project will drag on and on. You’ll need to live amongst the construction mess for eons until they get around to finishing up!


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With Kitchen Canvas, you have a manager that is with you every step of the way, keeping the lines of communication open and overseeing the project from start to finish.


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They’re hard to get on the phone, don’t respond to emails, don’t follow a timeline…Can I just get an update please?


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Have professional help to guide you along the way, coordinating all of your finishes so your kitchen can look and function better than you even imagined. We’ll help you make a statement, keep your kitchen timeless, or stand out from the crowd. No matter what your priority is for the final result, we’ll make sure it’s respected and done with style.


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You spend days agonizing over the finishes, ask some friends, and hope that the final result looks like those ones you saw on Pinterest and Houzz. There’s a lot to consider and you’re making a major investment here. Having the touch of a professional designer means you KNOW your kitchen will look magazine worthy, instead of a tragic mistake. Why take the risk?


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When you do over 100 kitchens a year, you get a LOT of feedback on how different products stand up to the rigours of daily use and abuse. We have refined our selection of product suppliers to give you value and quality. We also narrow down the exhausting selection process so you don’t get overwhelmed. You can still choose from outside our recommendations if you have strong ideas or a specialty product you HAVE to have, but we will help make the rest easy.


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Choose your own adventure! Someone who doesn’t specialize in kitchens will send you out into the world to pick any random supplier. This can mean paying for lower quality products that will cost you more to replace in the long run, long lead times that put your project on hold, and a lot of time running around vetting suppliers.


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Proudly made in Vancouver with high quality materials, no formaldehyde (extremely carcinogenic, and common, in cabinetry!) and industry-leading soft-close Blum hardware, our cabinets will arrive quickly and if something needs a tweak, they’re right here in town.


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Even if it’s quality, you can easily wait  up to 3-4 months for your cabinet order to arrive from Europe. (Hopefully the cost of the cabinets or shipping hasn’t gone up within that time!) But what if something needs adjustment or needs to be re-ordered… what does that do to your project timeline? And does anyone remember that documentary that exposed IKEA cutting down protected forests in Europe to make their products?


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We originally pioneered cabinet refinishing so we could save thousands of tons of cabinetry from the landfill every year and we have now added refacing to that list of carbon footprint smashing alternatives to new cabinets. We’ve saved over 600 kitchens from the landfill to date but alas, not every kitchen can be saved, so we make sure to source locally-made, long-lasting cabinets to keep the carbon footprint down.



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Most companies don’t even have waste reduction on their radar, because it’s just an added inconvenience. We believe that we can’t continue doing things the way we have always done them, if we want to make the world a better place for our children and our community.

Most of our kitchens with refinished or refaced cabinets cost $15,000-$25,000. Kitchen renos featuring custom cabinets cost $35,000-$65,000 depending on the size of the kitchen.

Instant Financing

We’ve partnered with Financeit to provide fast and simple construction financing up to $100,000. The application is quick and easy, so you can get an answer – and a new kitchen – right away.

Our Trusted Brands

How do we guarantee craftsman quality? We only work with the best brands, so you can get your dream kitchen…without compromise, or a sky-high price.

We’re Rethinking Remodelling

After years in the construction industry, our founders realized that kitchen renovations don’t have to drag on for months, and that the construction process was not designed with the client in mind. Kitchen Canvas was created to solve the pain points we have witnessed in the industry, time and time again. We offer fixed timelines, fixed price quotes, dedicated project management, interactive 3D design renderings, and high-quality products without bloated prices. You’ll love the final product, but you’ll love process just as much.

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