Cabinet painting

We use the same professional method used for brand new factory finished cabinets.

We have exceptionally skilled painting technicians, state of the art equipment, materials and facilities.

We will come to your home for a design consultation, measure and provide a written quotation. You can see lacquered door samples in various colours to help with your decision. We also can supply countertops and hardware to complete your kitchen renovation.


  • Doors and drawers will be removed and sprayed off site at our shop.
  • All fixed flat panel, lower kick plates, crown moulding and trim will be sprayed on site in your home.
  • The products used will be low VOC and are safe for you and your family.
  • All onsite areas will be masked off with paper and plastic to protect the surrounding areas.
  • All surfaces will be cleaned, degreased, sanded and vacuumed. Primed and sanded again. Colour will be sprayed, sand again and spray final coat of colour. Surfaces will be unmasked, inspected, and doors & drawers will be reassembled.
  • The process takes approximately 14 days from start to finish. On site for 2-4 days based on the size of your kitchen.


Most of our jobs fall into three categories depending on the size of your kitchen:

  • Small -     $2000- $4000
  • Medium - $4000- $6000
  • Large -     $6000- $8000+


Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Cheques
We require a 50% deposit at pick up and the final 50% upon completion.